ABC 1919 Skootamota 124cc 1 cyl eoi



ABC  Skootamota  1919   124 cc   Model 1B  exhaust over Inlet  frame# 616  engine # 622

Around 1920 there was  both in Europe and the USA  a short-lived interest in  motorised scooters. 
Scooters were light, cheap to run and simple to use; it was thought that they might attract new  ( female)   urban customers, that would not so easily choose for a conventional motorcycle as means of transport. 
The ABC (All British Cycle) is one of the very first scooters and probably the best of the first generation of machines. 
It was designed by the prolific and inventive Granville Bradshaw and uses a 60mm x 40mm bore x stroke  overhead exhaust valve single- cylinder engine driving the 16” wheel by chain.  
The tubular frame is light and made a very manageable machine with a speed range of up to 20 mph. “ 
One push with the left foot on the ground starts the engine and the machine” stated the brochure. Unlike some machines of the period it is fitted with a seat and was used quite prominently on the roads of the period. 
This  example is an older restoration and comes complete with Lucas “ Silver King” oil lamp and handlebar-mounted claxon.