Adler 1903 2HP Modell No. 2 3310



Adler 1903 2HP “Modell No. 2” frame # 665 engine # 762

The Adler-Fahrradwerke in Frankfurt am Main was founded by Heinrich Kleyer in 1880. As early as 1881, the machine factory Spohr & Kramer manufactured ordinary bicycles and tricycles according to his specifications. In 1889, a factory employing 600 people was built in Frankfurt’s Gallus district on an area of 18,000 square meters. From 1897 on also typewriters would be produced. In addition to bicycles and typewriters, motorized tricycles (1899) and voiturette cars (1900) were turned out. In 1902 the first Adler ( “Eagle”) motorcycle saw the light of day, a 1¾ HP model that was equipped with a De Dion-Bouton engine and designated “Modell No. 1”. The machine already had a spray carburettor and the incoming air was heated by the radiation from the cylinder.
In 1903 “Modell No.2” was brought out, this had Adler’s own 2 HP engine. It was fitted with a belt tensioner that could be controlled by a lever on the horizontal frame tube and a band brake in the front wheel. In 1904 an entirely new model was introduced that had a 2¼ HP engine and two mechanically controlled valves that were placed in front of the engine. This year also magneto ignition became available as an option. In 1905 a V-twin was marketed but by 1907 motorcycle production was stopped because of a declining market and better prospects for automobile sales.
After World War II motorcycle production was taken up again in 1949 with a 98cc two stroke followed by improved 123cc, 147cc, 195cc and 247cc designs. The 247cc machine had a modern twin cylinder two-stroke powerplant which had some influence on early Japanese motorcycle engine design and may also have been the inspiration for the Ariel two-stroke twins. Adler won many races with air- and water-cooled 247cc street racers. In 1956 Adler merged with Triumph (TWN). The business was taken over by Grundig in 1957, and motorcycle production ceased in favour of office equipment, notably typewriters.
The very rare 1903 model we offer here has spent its entire life in The Netherlands. She is in remarkable original condition and obviously has been cared for very well during the past 120 years.
A flat canvas belt takes care of the drive to the rear wheel and accessories include an original “Adler” oiler in leather holder fixed to the rear carrier, two leather tool bags one of which is debossed with the Adler name and logo. Light is provided by a very rare “Adler Lampe No.1” oil lamp and the ignition can be cut out by a switch on the handlebars. This unique veteran is in running condition and has seen regular use in vintage club runs.