Aiglon 1920 250cc 1 cyl ts



Aiglon  ca. 1920  ca. 250 cc two stroke   frame# 126  engine# 2202

Aiglon motorcycles (the name means “young eagle”)   were made in France between 1902 and  1953. 
Various types of engines were used, in the early years Minerva to name one; in later years also Zurcher,  Mirus, Peugeot, AMC and FMC engines were employed. 
In 1922 the firm was taken over by  Peugeot.
This machine is a sturdily built, well finished two stroke.  
Note the wide and well valanced front mudguard and the aluminium primary chain case.  
The machine has a two speed gearbox and chain-cum-belt transmission. 
The engine sports a substantial outside flywheel and a double barrel carburettor.