AJS 1924 model B 349cc 1 cyl sv 2904



AJS 1924 2¾ HP 349 cc side valve Touring Model B frame & engine# 18997

The four Stevens brothers had been in motorcycle manufacturing since the final years of the 19th century, but only in 1911 their first complete “AJS” motorcycle, a 298 cc two speeder, was marketed.
For the 1912 season their first V- twin, the model D, was brought out. In the 1914 Junior TT a magnificent first and second place was scored.
The company moved to new premises at Graiseley House, Wolverhampton.
In the following years both the single and the big twin became very popular machines.
Between 1920 and 1922 AJS was very successful in racing with 350cc ohv machines but their catalogued models then were all side valve machines.
The racing successes also lead to a great popularity for their more mundane side valve types, a popularity that continued when in the middle twenties the OHV machines became available to the general public.
In the 1924 range three side valve singles of 74×81 mm bore x stroke were offered, a Standard Touring Model B and two sporting models.
The machines were reliable, light in weight (the B weighs about 100 kg) and had excellent handling qualities.
This Model B has a quickly detachable rear wheel and internal expanding front and rear brakes, which is quite advanced for 1924.
Magneto is Lucas, carburetor AMAC.
This practical vintage motorcycle proudly shows its original enamel and has great character.
It was first registered on February 12, 1924 and the available tax discs suggest the machine was last on the road in 1952.
It might well be that the lovely perished rubber horn bulb is still the original one…