AJS 1926 G5 350cc 1 cyl sv



AJS  1926      Standard Sporting Model G 5   349 cc  side valve  single  frame & engine & gearbox #  G 54188 

The 350 cc AJS OHV machines from the twenties get their nickname “Big Port” from the enormous size of the exhaust port and pipe. 
Between 1920 and 1922 AJS is very successful in racing with 350cc ohv machines but  their catalogued models then are all side valve machines. 
The racing successes  also lead to a great popularity for their more mundane side valve types, a popularity that continues when in the middle twenties the OHV machines  become available to the general public.
For 1926 three 2 ¾ HP side valves models are offered,  the De Luxe Touring G3,
the De Luxe Sporting  G4  and the Standard Sporting  G5.  
A remarkable feature of this vintage Sports machine is its lightness, it weighs a mere 214 pounds.
Ignition and lighting are taken care of by an excellent Bosch system, the carburetor is a somewhat more modern  AMAL device.  
This charming machine has been sold new in The Netherlands and  she has been in single family ownership for a long time.