AJS 1928 K12 250 cc 1 cyl sv combination



1928 AJS  K 12       250 cc side valve    combination         engine #  K 12   2164


1928 was the last year that AJS motorcycles used flat tanks, in 1929 saddle tanks were introduced and consequently motorcycles suddenly got “modern” looks. 
This two-fifty was the lightest bike in the   1928  range, which consisted out of no less than 11 catalogued models. 
The model description started with “ The 250 cc AJS is a new-comer to our range and is being placed on the market in response to an insistent demand for a smaller edition of our famous 350 cc Side valve models.”     
The K 12  was designed for general utility work and was aimed at both male and female customers; the light weight and low saddle position being especially suitable for the latter category.  
It features total-loss lubrication and has a three-speed gearbox. 
The machine has been restored and comes complete with lightweight wicker sidecar and acetylene lighting.