AJS 1928 Model K2 799cc 2 cyl sv 3403



AJS 1928 Model K2 799 cc side valve V-twin frame & engine # K45977

The four Stevens brothers had been in motorcycle manufacturing since the final years of the 19th century, but only in 1911 their first complete “AJS” motorcycle, a 298 cc two speeder, was marketed. Their first V-twin Model D with a cubic capacity of 632 cc was introduced in 1912 and was a very successful model, especially for sidecar use. At the 1919 Olympia Show a redesigned 748 cc model D was introduced. Its features included a new type of saddle tank, interchangeable and quickly detachable wheels, specially sprung comfortable saddle, footboards with rubber mats, rear stand operated by hand lever and big size aluminium exhaust damper, placed under the front of the engine. The Model D was a reliable machine and a good seller. In the course of the twenties numerous improvements were made; the engine capacity was increased to 799 cc and the machine got new Druid-style front forks. From 1925 on the model numbering system was changed and the model year was indicated by a letter followed by a number: E=1925, G=1926, H=1927 and K= 1928. The numbering system with most manufacturers went from small to large, AJS had their own ideas about this: in the 1928 range the K1 was the 799 cc De Luxe Passenger Combination, the K2 was the Standard Passenger Combination and the highest number in the range was the K12, a 248 cc side valve machine. The K1 an K2 were also available as a solo machines.
The machine we present is a fine specimen of the big AJS twin. She was excellently restored some 20 years ago and in that process the engine and gearbox were reconditioned. Since the restoration the machine has been used regularly for vintage club outings. With her come photos taken before restoration and invoices of the restauration. The accompanying British continuation logbook shows that this K2 was first registered on August, 31, 1928 in Scotland and was in regular use till 1958. She comes with lavishly sprung pillion seat, Lucas electric lighting system and Smiths 140 km speedometer. An interesting feature is that the front brake is not, as usual, operated by a handlebar mounted lever but by a foot pedal on the right hand side.