AJS 1929 M6 350 cc ohv



AJS 1929  M 6  350cc  two port   OHV  frame # M 105332    engine #M 6 105073

For some 6 years the “ Bigport” series had been very successful, but in 1928 it was decided it was time to give the 1929 model range a totally new appearance. 
No less than 20 “ improvements” were made and they were certainly no detail changes. 
To name a few: a redesigned frame giving a lower saddle height, a graceful saddle tank , separate oil tank, enclosed valve mechanism and last but not least brightly colored side panels on the tank.  
The Model range spanned from the 9.96 HP twin passenger combo ( M1)  to the 2.48 HP lightweight ( M12); AJS started numbering with the highest capacity models, which was rather unusual with model numbering systems then. 
Three models represented the 350 cc class: M6 in single and double port versions, and M7  that  sported an  OHC engine. 
This M6 is unrestored and comes complete with electric lighting system and Bosch magdyno.