AJS 1930 R8 498cc 1 cyl OHV 3207



AJS 1930 4.98 h.p. de Luxe OHV Two Port Model R8 498cc OHV single frame # R61772 engine # R8/61772

1928 is the last year that AJS motorcycles are fitted with flat tanks, in 1929 saddle tanks are introduced and consequently motorcycles suddenly get “modern” looks. The 1930 range sports no less than four new models with inclined engines; another noticeable point for 1930 is that the old familiar black-and -gold finish is back: it replaces the magenta of the 1929 model year. The models with inclined engines have benefited from racing experiences: the whole crankshaft and flywheel assembly has been stiffened and two sets of ball bearings are now situated on the driving side crank axle. There are also a number of improvements to the big-end. The OHV “R8” is a sturdy design with bore x stroke of 84x 90 mm. The rear wheel is quickly detachable and the front chain is oiled by an adjustable needle valve. The frame is newly designed and is of the semi-cradle type: it has torque tubes to the fork ends which, according to the 1930 sales information, absorb all torsional stresses of the transmission. The bottom bracket and the rear engine plates are all in one piece, thus affording great rigidity and strength. Both front and rear brakes get larger diameters and stouter anchorage. Also new is the needle valve-controlled mechanical oil feed to the front chain. The machine we present is in good original and unrestored condition with quite presentable enamel and chromium which gives the machine a pleasant patina. She is fitted with Lucas electrics, tank-mounted Smiths 140 km speedometer and practical centre stand.