Alldays Matchless 1912 500cc 1 cyl sv 2706



Alldays Matchless   1912   3½ HP 499 cc side valve single  frame# 1172  engine # M667

The roots of the  firm of Alldays& Onions go back to 1650; in that time the company – “the oldest known engineering dynasty in the world”  – (Bob Currie, TCM 1982) made  blacksmith’s sundries (bellows, anvils, vices) and  are still doing that today, in the form of electric fans and blowers.
From the 1880s the firm operated  as “The Alldays and Onions Pneumatic Engineering Company LTD” and they occupied two neighbouring factories  (Matchless Works and Great Western Works) in the Sparkbrook district of Birmingham.
They became involved in car production from 1898 on  at Great Western Works. From 1903 till 1914  A&O Matchless Works produced a series of Alldays Matchless motor cycles, both single and V twin. (There was no connection at all with the Collier family in Woolwich)
During WW 1 a two stroke model, the Allon was introduced. Motor cycle production ceased in 1927.
This sturdily built and practical veteran  has been neatly restored and is fitted with Phillips Saxon forks, aluminium sprung footboards, Senspray carburetor and Bosch magneto.
Starting is by hand crank and a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gear is fitted.
The acetylene lighting system comprises a Powell and Hanmer  front lamp and generator and a Lucas rear light.