Allegro 1926 3½hp 342cc 1 cyl ts



Allegro  1926  3 ½  HP  342 cc   two stroke single   “Touren Modell “ frame# EG 859  engine # CZ2006

Arnold Grandjean, born in 1890 as   son of a clockmaker, was a very talented bicycle racer. 
He became a professional racer in 1912 and soon started producing his own bicycles under the “Allegro”name in Neufchatel, Switzerland. From 1923 on  the firm also produced motorcycles. 
From the start this was very successful: many races were won with the ligt and agile twostrokes. 
Allegros were equipped with sporty  Villiers two stroke engines; the 1 ½ HP touring model had a 147 cc engine, top speed 70 km/h. 
The 1 ¾ HP Supersport with 172 cc engine could reach 100 km/h . 
There were two 3 ½ HP models with 342 cc engine, the touring model  and the Supersport. 
The machine we can offer here  is the Touring model. 
It weighs 95 kilos and has a top speed of 100 km/h. 
This machine has a Sturmey Archer gearbox and Bosch headlamp and is an older restoration. ??