Ariel 1927 Model D 497cc 1 cyl ohv 2905



Ariel 1927 5 HP OHV Touring “Model D” 497 cc OHV frame # V7665 engine # V8134

The new line of Ariels, introduced at the end of 1925 and designed by engineering genius Val Page, had been an instant success.
Not so much because of its technical innovations, but mostly for its very attractive styling: lower saddle position, shortened wheel base and high saddle tank.
Victor Mole was the new man in charge of sales at the Ariel works and he designed the new eye-catching emblem of the Ariel horse and coined the advertising slogan “Ariel, the Modern Motor Cycle”.
Within a few years Ariel sales and profits rocketed.
In 1927 sales were ten times as high as the 1925 sales before the introduction of the new line of machines.
Notable new features for 1927 were a new type of frame and the placing of the magneto behind the cylinder.
The 5 HP was available as Model C in “Sports” trim or as Model D in “Touring” guise, the difference mainly being tyre and mudguard sizes.
Noteworthy features of this spick-and-span D include a Lucas ‘King of the Road’ headlamp and a bulb horn.
With the bike comes a dating certificate of the Ariel Owners Motorcycle Club: an entry in the Ariel Works despatch book shows the machine was sent on May 2nd 1927 to Mess.
Crawley and Heady in St. Leonards. This overhead-valve Ariel is an older restoration in fine condition.