BMW 1927 R47 500 cc 2 cyl ohv



BMW 1927   R 47   494 cc  ohv  transverse twin  frame # 4624 engine #  34943

The first BMW, the 500 cc side valve tourer  R 32,  was marketed in 1923. 
3100 machines were built. 
Two years later an OHV  sports version was brought out, the R 37. 
This machine had the smallest production run of all commercially produced models in the company’s motorcycling history: only 175 were produced.  
It was replaced by the improved R 47 that was introduced alongside  the sidevalve-engined R42 tourer, both models benefiting from a redesigned and more powerful engine. 
The engine was set further back in the duplex loop frame, which improved weight distribution and enabled straight front down-tubes to be used. 
The braking  got its share of attention too: the old block-and-pulley type rear brake  was replaced by a drum on the driveshaft gripped by external contracting bands.
 Electric lighting was still regarded as an ‘extra’ and would not be standardized until 1928. 
Maximum power output of the R47 was 18bhp @ 4000 rpm  and its top speed was 110 km/h.  
The machine weighed  130 kgs  and  production lasted for just two years, 1,720 machines being sold. 
This rare sports BMW has been carefully restored.