BMW 1928 R62 750cc 2 cyl sv 3006



BMW 1928 R 62 745 cc side valve transverse twin frame # 29700 engine # 62375

The first BMWs in the 750cc class arrived in 1928, the side valve tourer R62 and the sporting overhead valve R63.
Development went fast in the twenties with BMW: among the new features for that year were a more silent engine, enclosed valves, bigger cooling fins, better brakes, wider bearing surfaces on the crankshaft and wider mudguards.
The gearbox had been redesigned too and was now lubricated with oil instead of grease.
The R62 has an ample power output of 18 HP@3400 rpm.
The machine is not heavy at 155 kilograms -the 1938 R 71, also a 745 cc side valve, is more than 30 kg heavier- and has a top speed of about 115 km/h.
Some 4000 were built during 1928-1929.
The R62 is one of the last BMWs with the distinctive wedge-shaped tank that would later give an iconic status to these early models.
This high-quality vintage tourer has been restored and comes complete with Bosch electric lighting.