BMW 1928 R62 750cc 2 cyl sv



BMW 1928   R 62   745 cc side valve transverse twin  frame#20213 engine# 62881

The first BMW, the 500 cc side valve R 32,  was marketed in 1923. 3100 machines were built. 
Two years later an OHV version was brought out, the R 37. 
This machine had the smallest production run of all commercially produced models in the company’s motorcycling history: only 175 were produced. 
In 1926 the R 42 saw the light: it was based on the R 32 but some modifications had made it faster and more practical: the brakes were improved and the engine got light alloy removable cylinder heads. 
In 1928 the first 750 cc class machine was brought out, the R 62. 
It has a power output of 18 HP@3400 rpm. 
The weight is 155 kilograms ( the R 32 weighs 120 kg and  the R 71, also a 745 cc side valve from 1938, brings no less than 187 kg on the scales). 
Top speed of the R 62 is some 115 km/h. Some 4000 were built in 1928-1929. 
This high-quality vintage machine has been restored immaculately.