Bown 1920 Villiers 269 cc 1 cyl ts



Bown Villiers   ca.  1920      269 cc two stroke   frame # 48  engine #  B 402


The Bown manufacturing Company operated from the Aeolus Works, Summer Lane in Birmingham. 
Motorcycle production ran from 1914 to 1924.  
At first the popular 269 cc Villiers two stroke engine  with outside flywheel was used, later on also 147 cc Villiers and four stroke JAP and Blackburne engines were employed. 
This machine is equipped with a two speed Albion gearbox, drip feed lubrication and Bosch magneto. 
It is a touring model with aluminium footboards, Saxon forks and Miller lighting set. 
Note the aluminium  exhaust damper. An interesting detail of this rare older restoration is the tax disc in the holder with expiration date of 30th June 1930.