Brough Superior 1933 1096cc 2 cyl sv



Brough Superior 1933  “ 11/50  “  1096 cc  side valve JAP V-twin  frame # 1388 engine # LTZ/R/46709/SRF

The 1933  Brough Superior range as presented  at Olympia  in November 1932  consists  of 680 and 986 cc OHV twins, an 800 cc  Austin engined Four and the  mighty side valve SS80. 
“The Motor Cycle of November 3d 1932 remarks :” Always a specialist job from beginning to end, the famous side-valve  S.S. 80 Brough  Superior has been  redesigned for 1933. 
The frame is shorter, lower,  and yet gives more ground clearance, while the exhaust system has been greatly improved. 
A larger fuel tank has been fitted, and the primary chain now runs in a cast-aluminium oil-bath. 
A new and ingenious detachable wheel has been added to the specification of this and other Brough Superior models.  
The wheel has a car-type hub shell, and back, front and sidecar wheels interchange.
“ Early  in 1933  the 1100 cc engine becomes available. 
The JAP engine fitted is of 1935 vintage; it  is rated  at more than 30 HP  and has  a top speed of more than 90 mph.   
This impressive  long legged, long distance  touring machine is a well-kept older restoration.