Bruneau 1907 tricycle 326cc 1 cyl aiv 2803



Bruneau ca. 1907 ´Tri-promeneur´ 2 ¾ HP 326 cc a.v. motorcycle with forecar engine # 1075

Established at 12, rue Victor Hugo in Tours from 1899, the firm Bruneau built motorcycles and tricars.
Paul Bruneau’s motorcycles had more than a few interesting features : already in 1902 Bruneau marketed a motorcycle with chain transmission and clutch, a year later water cooling with thermo- syphon was introduced and in 1904 a shaft drive model was brought out.
The 1904 range consisted of three motorcycles and a threewheeler with forecar, that was fitted with a pedalling chain on the right hand side and a drive chain on the left.
In 1905 the design of the single enclosed chain that was introduced on the new 2 ¾ HP solo machine was also utilized on the forecar.
This ´tri-promeneur´as the brochure put it, was equipped with the same type of water-cooled engine as the solo machine and sold for 1100 Francs, 225 more than the solo model.
Around 1908 the design was taken over by some companies related to the ´Société Industrielle d’Albert´ in the Somme area, such as Georges Richard.
This interesting early passenger machine comes in unrestored condition and misses only the chaincases.