BSA 1924 model H 557cc 1 cyl sv



BSA 1924   557 cc    4 ¼  HP   model  H 3  “ J.J. Moore Special”   side valve single  frame# C1321

By the end of the 1924 sales season BSA had sold more than 26,000 machines in a twelve month period so their claim: “one in four is a B.S.A. “was fully justified.
It might well be that this particular machine is   the most exotic of  all  machines produced that year.
It was owned for very many years by Mr. J.J.Moore, a well known character on the Isle of Man. 
Mr. Moore was a gifted mechanic and apparently very skilful at aluminium sheet work.
He covered the complete bottom part of the engine with aluminium panels, amazingly well finished and adorned with  numerous knobs, buttons,  gauges, switches and levers of which we have not fully grasped the meaning yet.
“It’s very much like a  “Starwars” contraption disguised as a vintage BSA”, one of our visitors remarked.
Apart from the aluminium creations the machine is in excellent authentic condition, the paintwork is  mostly original it would seem and the overall impression is one of tidiness.
In front of the engine a dynamo has been mounted  to power the electric lighting.
Note the tribute to Mr.Moore’s dog  Nick on the aluminium gearlever quadrant cover.
In one word, amazing!