BSA 1925 H25 combination 557 cc 1 cyl sv



BSA 1925    557 cc   “ model  H “   side valve single combination  engine# H 3715

By the end of the 1924 sales season BSA had sold more than 26,000 machines in a twelve month period so their claim: “ one in four is a B.S.A. “ was fully justified. At the Olympia Show in November 1924 the 1925 range was shown: no les than 12 basic models, all of which could be ordered with alternative specifications. 
Seven types of sidecars were available. 
The model H was the biggest single, suitable for sidecar work. 
It was fitted with a simple and robust engine, made for reliability and longevity. 
This charming older restoration is  a good runner and is equipped with full acetylene lighting and bulb horn.