BSA 1927 G27 Colonial 986cc 2cyl SV 3302



BSA 1927 “G27 Colonial” 986cc V-twin frame # N5632 engine # C 614 2413

BSA’s first V-twin was the Model A and it was primarily intended as a sidecar machine. It was introduced for the 1920 season and remained in production for about 3 years. A larger 986cc version debuted as the Model F in 1922 and would continue in production as the Model G, regularly revised and updated, until 1940.The 80×98 bore x stroke engine has the cylinders set at a 50 degree angle. The constant loss lubrication system employs a mechanical pump with oil control in the tank top panel. The wheels are quickly detachable and interchangeable and the gearbox is BSA’s own three speed design. New for 1927 was the internal expanding brake, that replaced the dummy-rim type. The sidecar lugs are integral with the frame and the machine has efficient wide mudguards. The G27 was available in De Luxe and Colonial versions, but these differed only in detail; both cost 70 pounds and 10 shillings without lamps or horn.

This G27 is a quality restoration that comes with an amazing list of accessories: full electric lighting, well sprung pillion seat, pannier bags, fire extinguisher, bulb horn and claxon, Watford speedometer and handlebar mounted clock.