BSA 1928 L28 350cc 1 cyl sv



BSA 1928  Model L  350cc side valve  frame#217288  engine # F 18178

Next to the successful new range of Slopers with their graceful saddle tanks, the BSA range also held some models for the more conservative rider. 
This medium capacity model is still styled with upright engine and flat tank, 1928 being the last year in which flat tanks were used on BSAs. Note the sturdy oil pump on the timing case. 
The tank top sight feed that had been used for many years has now been transferred to the top of the pump with the obvious advantage of les oil lines around the engine.  
But I suppose you should  check the pump function only when the machine is stationary!
This type of vintage machine is very practical for use in club runs; it has been nicely restored.