BSA 1933 B33-2 249cc 1 cyl OHV 3406



BSA 1933 B33-2 249 cc OHV frame # A1806 engine # A2.561

BSA’s 1933 range comprises models from 249 cc till 986 cc. The model ranges get a letter code: “B” for 249 cc, “R” for 348 cc, “W” for 499 cc, “M” for 595 cc and finally “G” for the big 986 cc twin. Three types of machines are offered in the “B” class, all with bore x stroke dimensions of 63×80 mm. The B33-1 is a side valve machine, the other two have overhead valves. The B33-3 is the “Blue Star” Sports version with tuned engine, full cradle frame and high-level exhaust. The B33-2‘s introduction in the catalogue reads: “This is the model for the man who wants a fast, light machine with low running costs. It is fine value for money, the price including M.L. Electric Lighting Equipment.” Advantage of the B33-1 and B33-2 models is that they qualify for the low 30 shilling tax rate.

This B33-2 is a practical machine for use in vintage club runs: she is low, light, has more power than a side valve and comes with central spring-up stand, three-speed gearbox and 5 ½ -inch brakes. All handlebar levers are the correct BSA types and the Terry saddle appears to have its original cover. The oil is held in the left hand side of the tank. Note the interesting handlebar construction: there are two bar halves that are clamped in the steering head top bracket. This well-presented older restoration has been part of a private collection and she might prefer some love and care before returning to the road.