BSA 1933 R33-4 348 cc 1cyl OHV 3302



BSA 1933 “R33-4” 348 cc two-port OHV frame # A41115 engine # A4.444

BSA’s 1933 range comprised models from 249 cc till 986 cc. The model ranges got a letter code: “B” for 249 cc, “R” for 348 cc, “W” for 499 cc, “M” for 595 cc and finally “G” for the big 986 cc twin.
In the “R” class there is a choice of two models, the “standard” R33-4 and the more sporty R33-5 “Blue Star” that has a tuned engine. The R33-4 is presented in the catalogue as “The machine for the rider who wants real snappy acceleration and the ability to maintain high speeds over long distances. It is suitable for solo or sidecar work.” The oil sump and the crankcase are cast as one unit and the machine has bore x stroke dimensions of 71 x 88 mm. There’s a tank top instrument panel on board with oil pressure gauge, amp gauge, and light switch.

The machine we present here is fully electrically equipped and has been restored a number of years ago. She has been part of a museum collection since around 1995. In the early fifties the provincial Dutch registration changed into a national registration, so all motorcycles got a new national document. Accompanying the machine is such a (linen) registration document, issued in 1954. It is therefore very likely that this BSA was sold new in The Netherlands in 1933. Because of her long “beauty sleep” a check-up will be advisable.