BSA 1934 X34 150cc 1 cyl ohv



BSA  1934   Model  X 34-0    149 cc OHV  frame # E 13357  engine # B150.1435

As the thirties progressed, BSA’s reputation as a maker of excellent machines blossomed.
Their range ran from economical ‘tiddlers’ to big V-twins.  
This little OHV model was  designed for the customer who wanted a light and agile machine with a more sporty appearance and engine character than a side valve.  
It was first introduced in November 1933  and was part of the BSA range for three seasons. 
Bore x stroke are 52x 70 mm , the machine has Maglita lighting and ignition which is driven from the primary drive side.  
For 1935 the Maglita drive would be changed to the timing side. 
Some practical  features of this light and practical motorcycle are the central front stand and  the detachable rear portion of  the mudguard to facilitate wheel removal. 
This machine is a well sorted older restoration.