BSA 1939ca G-14 986cc 2 cyl sv 3406



BSA 1939ca G-14 986cc side valve V-twin combination frame # CA 7 engine # KG14.941.
BSA’s first V-twin was the Model A and it was primarily intended as a sidecar machine. It was introduced for the 1920 season and remained in production for about 3 years. A larger 986cc version debuted as the Model F in 1922 and would continue in production as the Model G, regularly revised and updated, until 1940. The 80 x 98 bore x stroke engine has the cylinders set at a 50 degree angle. The constant loss lubrication system employs a mechanical pump with oil control in the tank top panel. The gearbox is BSA’s own three speed design. This machine was restored in the late 1980s by well-known Dutch specialist Wil van Katwijk on behalf of a private BSA collector. The petrol tank was in such a bad state that a replacement tank had to be fabricated. The sidecar might be an original BSA type, earlier it was coupled to a Sloper model that was also part of the private collection. Since the early 1990s the combination has seen little use, although she became well-known with Dutch television watchers because she appeared in a TV show of the famous Dutch comedian André van Duin. In his show he was on the road on the G-14 as a travelling reporter, but from video fragments on file of the crew filming the scene it becomes apparent that André is nor really riding but the combo is moved around on a truck. It appeared that André had some trouble in starting and riding the post-vintage combination so it was safer and quicker to use a mock-up situation…
BSA G-14 combinations were extensively used by the Dutch army in the years before World War 2 and this G-14 might be one of those ex-army machines, although we have no proof of that. The sidecar comes with practical wind shield, tonneau cover and period suitcase. Documentation comprises a photostat instruction book, video fragments from André van Duin Show, restoration notes and various photos.