BSA 1950 Gold Star 500cc 1 cyl ohv



BSA 1950 499cc B34 Gold Star    Frame no. ZB32S 2673   Engine no. ZB34GS 2251

The BSA Gold Star is a motorcycle made from 1938–1963. 
They were 350 cc and 499 cc single-cylinder four-stroke production motorcycle known for being amongst the fastest bikes of the 1950s. 
They were hand built and with many optional performance modifications available.
Post-war, BSA’s icon, the Gold Star, came into its own in 1950 with the introduction of the alloy-engined B34 model, as offered here, with its Q.D. wheels, excellent brakes, and distinctive finish, nowadays preferred by many to the later models because of their light weight and good handling. This original machine, a long-time favourite of the Matlock-based M&C Collection, is illustrated in their catalogue and has been restored with excellent paintwork (tank by Lewis and Templeton) and mechanics.