BSA 1953 A10 Golden Flash 646cc 2cyl ohv 3406



BSA 1953 “ A10 Golden Flash” 646cc ohv twin frame # BA757278 engine # BA10 4941
In 1937 Triumph had launched its successful Speed Twin. BSA also started to develop a vertical twin in the years before the war; this model was to make its appearance in 1940 but by that time BSA got very much involved in the war effort and the launch of new models was postponed. In September 1946 the new model became available as the A7; it was to be the first of a long line of powerful and reliable parallel twins that carried the Piled Arms trademark. In 1950 BSA unveiled their plunger sprung 650cc A10 Golden Flash. Finished in metallic gold, the “Flash” was an instant hit; countless examples going for export, as new bikes in Britain were virtually still on-the-ration. After the A10’s UK availability improved it became the UK’s most popular twin cylinder mount for sidecar drivers, thanks to its useful torque. From 1954 A10s were fitted with BSA’s new swing-arm chassis, but the option of plunger rear suspension stayed available until 1958. Amongst the novelties for model year 1953 were a boxed-in rear number plate and a rubber-mounted petrol tank.
In “The Motor Cycle” of 27 December 1951 we read in a road test of the Golden Flash: “Generally speaking a small, light machine possessing nippy acceleration forms the most attractive type for use in towns and cities. But the A10, though no lightweight, has perfect city manners. (…) But if the Golden Flash has traits which make it attractive in towns and cities, it really comes in its own when ridden at speed on the open road. Exceptionally high average speeds could be achieved with the minimum of effort on the part of the rider. This was so, not so much because of the machine’s over 95 mph maximum speed, but because of the engine’s high mechanical efficiency, even at speeds in excess of those normally used, and its excellent torque at medium revs.
Our Golden Flash is a well presented older restoration in the “Golden Beige” finish and has been part of a private collection since 1992. She was first registered on July, 29, 1953 and has a current road registration. Rear view mirror and 185 km/h Smiths speedo are part of the equipment. As she has been off the road for quite some time light recommissioning will be advisable. Video: