Campion ca 1918 Lightweight 300 cc 1 cyl sv



Campion   ca. 1918   2 ½   HP ( 292 cc)   “ Lightweight”   JAP   side valve single frame# 57026  engine# A 389

The campion Cycle Co.  was a well known bicycle manufacturer. 
The factory was located at Robin Hood Street, Nottingham. When they started motorcycle production, a variety of proprietary engines were used, such as Minerva, MMC, Fafnir, Precision, Villiers, Blackburne and JAP. After the First World War some 5 different models were made, from a 2 ½ HP lightweight single to a big 8 HP twin. Production ended in 1926. 
This early vintage Campion is powered by a 292cc JAP sidevalve engine  ( bore and stroke 70×76 ) and equipped with Brown & Barlow carburettor, Fellows magneto and Druid forks. 
The gearbox is a Sturmey-Archer unit and final drive is by belt. 
This charming older restoration is equipped with acetylene lighting set.