Carter ca 1919 Electric tricycle



Carter ca. 1919   electric  tricarriage   frame # 351   electric motor #  48E 481

This Electric Carter is an amazing early electric tricycle.
It’s a very luxurious model that  comes with an extra child seat at the back with foldable footrest,  sun roof,  foldable apron, volt meter, ampere meter, 8 day dash clock, adjustable footrests, hand claxon, rear axle with differential gears, hand operated rear brakes, sprung front forks, upholstered comfort seat,  Besnard carbide lamp, carbide generator and and and…
The motor was made by LDC Lancashire Crypto and the make is completely English.
She is 36 volts and consumes 21amp/hour.
This remarkable vehicle  is a real conversation piece which is in working condition and as electric propulsion is “hot” these days it can almost compete with a Tesla…..