Clement 1904 Model D 192 cc 1 cyl aiv 2607



Clément  1904   “Type D”    192 cc   aiv     engine # 3944

In 1902 Adolphe Clément enters  the  field of motorized bicycles with a  small engine of  125 cc capacity. This engine has an automatic inlet valve,  an overhead exhaust valve and an external flywheel.
The  cylindrical tank with petrol is fixed behind the saddle and the batteries for the coil ignition are stored in a leather case that is strapped to the horizontal frame tube. 
The oil is carried in a drip feed oiler which leads the oil straight into the crankcase by adjustable drip-feed.
This small machine became very popular and quite a few were sold as complete machines fixed to a Clément bicycle as in this case, or a Gladiator bicycle.
You could also order an engine with  fittings and bolt this to any bicycle.
In Britain the Clément-Garrard  was well known at the time.
This  “Type D” has a somewhat bigger capacity  than the first model of 1902: the earlier models had bore x stroke  of 55×53 mm, the “D” features 60x 50 mm  giving  a capacity of  192 cc. 
Despite their modest capacity  these  little engines  are surprisingly lively.
The rear brake is activated by pedalling backwards.
This 1904  Clement is fitted with a Vaurs carburettor and is a well-presented archetype of the French motorcycle industry.
She has been sympathetically reconditioned without disturbing the original patina.