D-Rad 1923 M23 392cc 2 cyl AIV 3306



D-Rad 1923 3 PS type “M23” 392 cc AIV flat twin frame # 591 engine # 4548

After World War one, the company Deutsche Werke AG in Spandau, Berlin, was no longer allowed to manufacture weapons because of the Versailles Treaty. Since the foundries, forges and workshops were still there, the company looked for other business opportunities and so vehicle construction began, with not only motorcycles being produced, but also railway wagons. Deutsche Werke AG sold their first motorcycles under the Star name. The Star had a two-cylinder boxer engine with 392 cm³ capacity, which was installed longitudinally and had an output of 3 hp. The basic concept was borrowed from the English Douglas engine, which was considered very modern and reliable at the time. In 1923 Ing. Manfred Christian entered the company as the new engineer. He revised the machine which was labelled M23. Now the D logo could be seen on the tank for the first time. The number 23 stands for the year of production: In 1924 the existing model was improved again. It was released under the name D-Rad M24 or Model 1924. It is assumed that some 7500 flat twin models were built.
This “M23” is one of the more elegant designs of D-Rad and technically very interesting: at first sight the engine could be mistaken for a Douglas clone, but a more close look will reveal an overhead inlet valve configuration. Bore x stroke are 61 x 67 mm, engine speed is 1500 rpm, cruising speed amounts to a leisurely 65 kilometres per hour, with a petrol consumption of about 3 litres per 100 kilometres.
The M23 weighs 85 kilograms and has automatic engine lubrication and a three speed gearbox with foot operated clutch. There are two independent brakes on the rear wheel, an internal expanding device with foot control and an external contracting band brake with hand control. Ignition is provided by a Bosch magneto and the mixture is taken care of by a Pallas Carburettor. Front suspension is taken care of by leaf springs.
This M23 has been restored a number of years ago and was then put in an office as a decoration piece; she hasn’t been ridden. The engine is running but we advise a good check-over before using the machine on the road. She comes with original parts list and manual. For more D-Rad information: https://www.d-rad.ch/