Demm 1963 Unificato Sport 49cc 1 cyl ohv 2703



DEMM (Daldi and Matteucci Milan)

DEMM was an Italian motorcycle manufacturer from 1919 until 1988.

Founded in Milan as OPRAM  and became OMD in 1926 to become DEMM in 1928. Presently the motorcycle activities are retired to concentrate on manufacturing of gears and transmission systems for the agricultural and industrial vehicles.

In 1953, they conquered the market, with a light motorbike, 125cc 2-stroke, four-speed and presented this on the motorcycle exhibition in Milan. In 1956 begins the production of the entire moped . All 50 cm ³ engine crankcases are made from aluminium. The company proving to be technologically advanced for its time.

Parallel to serial production the company supports the competitive sector by creating its own racing team that engages in various sports activities such as participation in the Italian mountain Championship, Italian Championship and world records attempts. The DEMM motorcycle production numbers becomes the fourth in Italy. The models were also marketed in various foreign countries as DEMM India, United States of America and especially Denmark . The models underwent continuous technological and aesthetic developments until 1982, when DEMM ceased all production of motorcycles. The factory continued sales of stock, roughly until the year 1988, when they finally closed the doors.                                                                                                                         The Demm 1963 Unificato Sport 49cc 1 cyl ohv presented here is a rare and very original, well restored 50cc overhead valve model.