Douglas 1912



2 ¾ HP      347 cc  s.v.    flat twin “ Model G “  frame# 5404  engine # 5720

The brothers William and Edward Douglas founded the Douglas Engineering Company in Bristol in 1882. 
Initially doing blacksmith work, they progressed to foundry work, and then acquired the flat twin design of Joseph Barter, the founder of Light Motors Ltd.
Barter had produced his first single-cylinder motorcycle between 1902 and 1904. 
Around 1905, Barter’s Light Motors Ltd manufactured a 200cc side valve flat twin, clipped into a more or less standard bicycle frame. 
This machine was marketed under the  ‘Fairy’ name.  
Some parts of the engine  were cast at the Douglas Brothers foundry in Bristol.   
When Barter’s Light Motors went into liquidation in 1907, he  was invited to join Douglas, and a new and improved machine, the Model A, was  presented to the public at the Stanley Show in 1907. 
Years later William Douglas disclosed that not a single order resulted from the show; of 27 machines built during the year only 24 sold. 
But the design was improved year after year and  by 1910 the Douglas had become a practical motorcycle. 
The catalogue for 1912 listed no less than 15 improvements  such as  mechanical inlet valves and a lower riding position. 
Five models were available. 
Model G  had a countershaft and single gear, H and J had a two speed gear, K even had a free engine clutch and L was an open frame or ladies’ model. 
This particular  Douglas  has a known history that goes back to 1912, when the machine was taken into stock by a Lewes ( Sussex) motorcycle agent. 
It was subsequently purchased by an apprentice plumber who used it till 1930 and then stored  it till 1966. 
It was restored in 1967 by its second owner. 
The machine has  had two more careful custodians since, it is in fine shape and comes with Pioneer Certificate no. 630.