Douglas 1930 T6 596cc 2 cyl sv 3403



Douglas 1930 “T 6” 596 cc side valve flat twin frame # YF 515* engine # EQ 113
At the London Olympia Show in November 1929 new Douglas 500 cc and 600 cc side valve models make their appearance. Designed by Freddy Dixon, these are undoubtedly the most silent and flexible motorcycles available at this time. The whole design concept is bristling with new ideas: these are the “Dixon Douglas” models, with which his name will forever be linked. For the first time a dry sump lubrication system is employed, without recourse to any external pipes. Very long valve guides are fitted to the cylinder barrels and the cylinder heads are detachable, above the valve seatings. Very long tappet guides are also used and all the valve gear is completely enclosed behind finned tappet covers. The induction system is cast-in with the timing cover to ensure the necessary warmth after a cold start. The new Douglases are available in “T” for Touring and “S” for Sports, with only minor differences. The 596 cc model has bore and stroke dimensions of 68 x 82 mm. A practical centre stand is also a new feature, as are large 8 inch diameter brake drums front and rear. In a full page advert in The Motor Cycle of November 28, the company introduces the new models and makes an interesting remark about the adoption of saddle tanks. “We must admit these improve the appearance of the machine, but we were very reluctant to make the change on account of raising the centre of gravity. To overcome this disadvantage we have placed our lubricating tank below the engine. This brings us to where we were before the advent of saddle tanks, namely the lowest centre of gravity. That is why our machines are so immune from skidding”.

The machine we present here is a fresh restoration that has been carried out with care for detail. Engine and gearbox have been fitted with new bearings and the magneto has been rewound. A pleasant task awaiting the new owner will be running in this splendid looking machine! (video: