Douglas 1932 E32 600 cc 2 cyl sv



 Douglas 1932  596 cc  side valve   twin  “   E 32 “    frame#  YF 2627 D  engine #  EQ 22409


The 1932 model E is derived from the innovative S5 (500 cc ) and S6  ( 600 cc )  machines designed by Freddy Dixon  that were presented at Olympia for the 1930 season. 
They are silent, flexible and turned out to be very reliable. 
The cylinder heads are detachable and the valve gear is fully enclosed. 
The oil is carried in a big finned sump under the engine and a submerged pump provides  a pressure feed to the engine bearings.  
The functioning of the system can be checked with a tell-tale which also acts as a pressure relief valve to blow oil mist on the enclosed primary chain.  
Lighting is provided by a special BTH “pancake” dynamo that is gear-driven from the crankshaft. 
The wheels have big  8 inch brakes  and tapered roller bearings.  
The place of the gearbox above the engine is reminiscent of earlier Douglas racing practice. 
This machine, equipped with passenger seat and Bosch electric horn,  has been restored to an exceptional standard.