Douglas 1932 K32 350 cc 2 cyl ohv



Douglas  1932   350 cc OHV flat twin    “K 32”    frame # H 1140  engine # 35 D 123



The 1931 overhead valve models were derived from the innovative S5 (500 cc ) and S6  ( 600 cc ) sports machines designed by Freddy Dixon  that were presented at Olympia for the 1930 season. 
They were silent, flexible and turned out to be very reliable. 
The 1931 500cc and 600 cc OHV models had fully enclosed valve gear, completely enclosed carburettor and dry sump lubrication. The wheels had big  8 inch brakes  and tapered roller bearings.  
The place of the gearbox above the engine was reminiscent of earlier Douglas racing practice. 
These new models got a favourable reception so  for the 1932 season two OHV touring versions were marketed, the 350 cc K 32 and the 500 cc M 32.  
Both models had a new, “oversquare”  engine with fully enclosed pushrods and a high mounted carburettor. 
Performance was very good for a three-fifty: the model would top 70 mph with full touring equipment.
The lighting  on these models was provided  a special Douglas-BTH flat type dynamo that was driven from the crankshaft by means of a coupler. 
The K 32 has a Douglas patent flywheel clutch, “easy lift”  centre stand and a three speed gearbox.  
This K 32 is in good but unrestored condition.