Excelsior 1913 7C 1000 cc 2 cyl ioe



Excelsior 1913 single speed “Model 7 C “   974 cc IOE V-twin   engine # 39398

The Excelsior Supply Company of Chicago started producing motorcycles with its own single cylinder engine in 1908. 
Some years later the firm became part of Ignaz Schwinn’s bicycle empire.
In the years around 1915  the production models ranged from a 269 cc two stroke single Baby Triumph look-alike to big 1000 cc V-twins.
This machine is an example of the 974 cc twin, with bore and stroke dimensions of  84×88 mm. 
It’s single geared but has a hand-operated clutch. Handlebar controls – the left handle operates the clutch- are operated via rods and linkages, the seat post is sprung for extra comfort. 
Ignition is the best there was at the time: Bosch. 
The machine has a  full acetylene lighting set and a hand horn and the pedalling gear gives it a charming veteran look. 
This Ex is  in original condition  and a good runner.