FN 1947ca M13 344cc 1cyl sv



FN 1947ca M13 444 cc side valve single frame & engine # 4171
When FN presented the M 13 model range at the motorcycle exhibition in Paris at the end of 1946, it received a lot of attention. In the first place because the quality of the FN product was convincing again and secondly because of the appearance of the front suspension. This was a unique trailing cantilever structure with pulled front wheel. At first, the frame was a parallelogram shape with steel springs at the sides. In a later version the fork tubes followed the rounding of the mudguard, with rubber bands to control suspension movement. The theory behind this construction was that a wheel can be more easily pulled than pushed over an obstacle. The rear wheel suspension also attracted a lot of attention. This worked with a system with rubber bands, “elastics”. The engines were designed as unit constructions and all models basically had the same bottom end with identical crankshaft, conrod, clutch, gearbox, et cetera. All versions had the same stroke of 80 mm and only the bores differed for the various models, initially 249 and 344 cc OHV and 344 and 444 cc SV.

The specimen we offer is fitted with Miller electrics and Amal carburettor and comes without chain guard. She is presented in largely original livery and has a nice patina.