Francis Barnett 1940



Francis-Barnett   1940  K 39 Cruiser, 249 cc two stroke  frame#KB39989 engine#BYF5424

In the 1920’s the Coventry based  firm of Mess. Francis and Barnett produced  JAP-engined four strokes and  Villiers –engined two strokes; in the thirties mostly two stroke power was used. 
It was a general  tendency in design in the 1930’s to utilize more two stroke power:  in 1935  16.5 % of the machines offered in Britain had a two stroke engine, for the 1940 season this was almost doubled to 32.1 %. 
The “Cruiser” is a  quiet and sedate machine; it  was designed to provide comfortable riding without need for  special wet-weather clothing.  
It has a fully enclosed engine and  the leg shields and deep mudguards offer good weather protection. 
It is equipped with instrument panel and  Smith’s speedometer. 
In the late fifties the machine was acquired by  Lord Montague   and it was subsequently displayed as part of his collection at Beaulieu; correspondence that comes with the machine shows that in  1958 the Cruiser was sent to the Francis-Barmett works  to get a new enamel finish. 
The overall condition of the machine is very good.