Fusi 1937 Sport 250 cc 1 cyl ohc



Fusi  1937  “ Sport 250”   248 cc OHC racing model      engine# 3812 C.F.S.  68×68

The firm of CF (designers Catellia and Fiorani) had started building powerful little 173 cc and 248 cc  face cam  OHC singles in 1928. 
They were very successful in racing. In 1937 the CF factory was taken over by the Fusi firm, which were the Italian FN importers. 
Next to the racing types with OHC engine, Fusi produced machines with J.A.P. engines that were built in Italy under licence. 
Fusi used gearboxes that were actually Burman designs produced under licence by FIAT. 
This beautifully  piece of engineering has a four speed  foot change gearbox and  square engine dimensions of 68×68 mm. 
Carb is Zenith, magneto Marelli.