Gillet 1933 Confort 346cc 1 cyl sv 3109



Gillet 1933 “Confort” 346cc side valve frame & engine # 62630

The first Gillets -built in Herstal near Liege, Belgium- are brought out in 1920 and are unit-design 300cc two-strokes with belt drive.
The design is simple, rugged and reliable and soon the company is an established and successful motorcycle manufacturer.
At the end of 1926 a sporting four stroke with attractive unit construction engine is presented.
In 1928 the 500cc OHV “Supersport” model breaks many world records at the Monthlery track in France.
From model year 1931 a line of machines with inclined engines becomes available; a 400cc side valve with bore x stroke of 75x90mm and a 70×90 350cc model that can be had in both OHV and SV versions.
This new line of machines becomes very popular and will remain in production till 1948.
According to the factory brochure, the Confort can reach a top speed of about 100km per hour.
The machine is relatively light at 120kg and certainly sparse on petrol, with a claimed consumption of 4 litres per 100km.
There’s a dry clutch on board and lighting and ignition is by a Lucas installation.
This practical post-vintage machine is an older restoration with current Dutch registration.