Gnome & Rhône 1923 Engine Type B 500cc 1 cyl sv 3405

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Gnome & Rhône 1923 Engine Type B, # 6831 with gearbox # 657, magneto, part of frame, petrol tank, clutch

The 499 cc side valve Type B was the first motorcycle engine that was developed by G & R. It became available early in 1922 and had bore x stroke dimensions of 85 x 88 mm (500cc) and an outside flywheel. From June 1924 a further developed model, the Type C, became available, starting with engine # 9501. Engine turns round, gearbox appears to work. The magneto is a Magneto Marelli Type MCA1 No. 185302. All items have been used as display items and the internal condition is not known to us. The petrol tank would appear to be of a slightly younger model G & R.