Harley Davidson 1915 11C 565cc 1 cyl ioe 2808



Harley –Davidson 1915 Model 11-C 565 cc IOE single frame&engine # 1913 J

In 1911 the first V- twins were brought out and very soon these models became the customers’ favourites; it seems singles were most popular for utility uses and in the export markets.
In 1910 almost 3,200 singles were sold; by 1915 this number had fallen to a little more than 1,200.
That same year almost 15,000 twins left the factory. So we can safely conclude that a ’15 single is a rare beast.
The Model 11 was available in B-trim without gears and in C-trim with two speed gear in the rear hub and a clutch.
New for 1915 was automatic lubrication by means of an engine-driven pump.
The tank-mounted hand pump was retained for emergency use. Bore and stroke dimensions were 84.14 x 101.6 mm and the engine delivered about 5 hp @ 2,200 rpm, good for a top speed of 80 km an hour. The machine was with its weight of 95 kilos as much as 55 kilos lighter than a twin.
(Source: “Harley Davidson, all the Motorcycles 1903-1983” by Matthias Gerst.)

This rare single has a current Dutch registration and comes complete with Solar acetylene lighting and Klaxon hand horn.
The machine is a smooth runner and in excellent mechanical condition.
Its authentic appearance is enhanced by the “patina-look” paintwork that has been carried out very professionally.