Harley Davidson 1924 Model 24JE 1000cc 2 cyl ioe 2512



Harley-Davidson 1924   989  cc  IOE V-twin   model “JE”   frame & engine # 24JE 10423 

It took the Harley-Davidson Co. about 12 years to develop their motorcycles from a single cylinder belt driven single 3 HP machine to the 45 degree V-twin with 3-speed countershaft gearbox that was marketed in 1915.
This sturdy 989 cc  (84x89mm) machine became a popular choice for motorcycle buyers all over the world, private enthusiasts as well as police forces, postal sevices and other government bodies: in 1924 more than 1400 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. alone were equipped with HD motorcycles.
1924 was not a good year for the firm: the losses amounted to almost  $ 120,000 and the workforce was trimmed down from 2,500 to 1,000 employees.
More than 6,000 machines were exported oversees this year; this amounted to almost half of all Harleys manufactured that year.
This machine is an older restoration.
It  was sold new in Sweden by A.J. Holm and comes complete with Corbin speedometer, hand operated claxon and acetylene lighting system