Harley-Davidson 1925 25JE 989cc 2 cyl ioe 2811



Harley-Davidson 1925 “JE” 989 cc IOE V-twin engine# 25 JE 15776

The 1925 Harleys look completely different from the older models: they have a new type of frame that causes the saddle position to be 3 inches lower than before, the wheels go from 28 to 26 inches and the petrol tank gets a dynamic teardrop shape. But there are many more changes as the 1925 brochure points out: there’s a list of no less than 27 big improvements.
A small selection: the petrol and oil tanks get a higher capacity, the saddle has a more comfortable shape ad the spring seat post system is improved.
The handlebars have a new shape and the gear shift gate and lever are better positioned.
The motor is easier to start due to the lower pedal position.
For easier maintenance more Alemite grease points are used, 15 on the machine and 8 on the sidecar.
And on top of al this: the price is lowered by 5 dollars and goes from $320 to $315 for the JE.
All in all these new models look much more modern than their predecessors and the 1925 sales for the electrically equipped “J” models will be about 20% higher than in 1924.
This sturdy but elegant HD has been restored at some time in the past and possesses a lovely patina.
The machine is in excellent shape and is equipped with Corbin speedometer.