Harley Davidson 1926 998cc 2 cyl ioe 2510



Harley-Davidson   1926   Model J   989  cc  IOE  V-twin with commercial open box body engine # 26J13398 

From  1915, after a number of years of development,  the  top-of-the-range  twin  with full electrical equipment  was listed  as the Model J.
Periodically revised and updated, the Model J had gained a front brake, stronger fork and pumped lubrication by the time production ceased in 1929.
Some of the new features for 1926 were wider mudguards, higher dynamo output and battery capacity and a revised exhaust system.
|This workhorse spent its whole life in Scandinavia.
After many years of faithful service it was laid up and  dry stored.
A true barn find indeed! The machine is fitted with a wooden box open body; the identification plate informs us of a maximum load of 305 kg. 
A  passenger- type sidecar body comes with the machine.