Harley-Davidson 1927 Model J 989cc 2cyl IOE 3309



Harley-Davidson 1927 Model “J” 989cc IOE V-twin frame & engine # 27 J12167

From 1915, after a number of years of development, the top-of-the-range twin with full electrical equipment is listed as the Model J. For many enthusiasts the modern Harley-Davidson motorcycle truly comes into its own in 1925 when the entire range is fitted with new frames that lower the riding position by a full three inches, allowing smaller riders to handle the bikes with greater ease. The wheels become smaller in diameter and the petrol tank gets a more dynamic teardrop shape. All in all these new models look much more modern than their predecessors. In the 1926 model year wider mudguards and a revised exhaust system are introduced, together with a higher dynamo output and battery capacity. For 1927 no more than 3561 model J 1000cc machines are sold; the 1200cc JD is much more in demand with 9691 units leaving the factory. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the price difference between these models is a mere $10. 1927 is the first year of the “wasted spark” distributorless ignition system using a circuit breaker and a single coil firing both spark plugs at once. The J engine delivers 18 hp@3400rpm, good for a top speed of almost 110 km. There are two independent brakes on the rear wheel, one external contracting and the other internal expanding, both controlled via pedals near the right footboard.

This “J” has recently been restored cosmetically and mechanically to a high standard and comes with current road registration.