Harley Davidson 1928 28JDH 1200 cc 2 cyl ioe



Harley Davidson  1928  1200 cc  Two-Cam  engine# 28JDH4629

Two-Cam engines first appeared in 1919 as racing and hill climbing engines. 
They had been available all through the twenties only to the factory team and some favoured dealers, though. 
In November 1927, too late to be included in the 1928 catalogue, road going two cammers were made available to the eager private buyers. There was a 61 ci ( 1000 cc ) JH version and a 74 ci( 1200 cc ) JDH model. 
The timing gear case had a distinctive peanut shape, which made it easily recognizable as a Two Cam. 
The Two Cams used a direct action valve gear; the machines were very fast and differed in a number of respects from standard models: fuels tanks were narrower, front forks were specially forged and the wheels were 18 in diameter instead of 20. 
In 1929 production was stopped due to the changing market conditions: the depression years were coming…
Difference between 1000 and 1200 cc models can be seen by checking the cooling fins: 1200 cc models had eleven fins of the same diameter, while the 1000cc model had its five bottom fins gradually tapering in diameter. 
This highly desirable and rarely offered sporting Harley model has been restored to concourse condition.