Harley Davidson 1928 model 28JD 1200 cc 2 cyl ioe



Harley- Davidson 1928  JD  1200 cc IOE   V –twin   frame# 1834 engine #28 JD 1956

It took the Harley-Davidson Co. about 12 years to develop their motorcycles from a single cylinder belt driven single 3 HP machine to the 45 degree V-twin with 3-speed countershaft gearbox that was marketed in 1915. 
This sturdy 989 cc ( 84x89mm) machine became a popular choice for motorcycle buyers all over the world, private enthusiasts as well as police forces, postal services and other government bodies. T
he OHV inlet, side valve exhaust concept was used till 1930, when HD chose the full side valve engine concept. 
Development of the machines also meant they gained weight: the 1915 model weighed 305 lb., the 1929 model came to 400lb. 
An important innovation for the 1928 models was the fitting of a front wheel brake. More than 15,000 V-twins were produced this year and slightly more than 5,000 singles. 
This handsome black machine has been restored with care and is in excellent shape.